After receiving the account data, you should quickly modify the account data, bind the mobile phone number and Steam Guard, and take full responsibility for the security of the account. If it is stolen or violates the Steam agreement, we can't get it back for you.

The initial email address of the account is temporary and not for permanent use. You do so at your own risk. Therefore, we recommend that you only use this account as a secondary/alternate account.

Argentina Steam New Account GLOBAL

Argentina Steam New Account Global

Purchase a Argentina Steam new account, and you will receive a new Steam account.

You will receive content

  1. Steam account
  2. Steam password
  3. Initial email account
  4. Initial email password
  5. Initial email login address

Account Features

  1. The account area is Argentina
  2. Never used and non-shared account, the account is always yours, which is safe and cheap.
  3. All account data can be changed to your own

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