Tell others about Vgswap and earn real money when they buy it.

Do you have friends that buy games? Or maybe you have a community of gamers? Share your referral link with your audience and earn money if they buy products on Vgswap after your recommendation.

Lastly, withdraw your earnings in real money or use to pay for your purchases at Vgswap! Start earning now
  • Log in or register

    All you need is an account on VGSWAP.COM. Setting it up is easy and free of charge.

  • Create referral link

    Share them with your friends, post them on your blog, etc. The possibilities are endless.

  • Earn money

    Users who visit Vgswap through your referral link, as long as they purchase products with referral bonuses during your user active period, you can make money.


  • Where can I find my referral link?

    Click on the "Referral" go to the overview page, you can directly in this page copy referral links or create more referral links.

  • What is User Active period? How do I adjust my user activity period?

    The user active period refers to the validity period of the commission rebate of the users you invite. You can contact us to apply for a longer user active period.

  • Where can I check my sales and clicks statistics?

    You can click on "Invite History" to view click statistics or click on "Reward History" to view sales data.

  • When will I receive my commission?

    You will receive your commission after the transaction is completed, usually within 7 days or so. If the transaction fails, you will not receive your commission.

  • How do I withdraw my commission?

    You can withdraw your commission in "My Wallet"

  • Do buyers have to click on my link every time? Will I get the commission if they don’t?

    No, they don't have to click on your link every time. During your active user period. They don't have to click the link again - when they complete the order, you automatically get a commission!


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